Dr. Doan has helped me so much.  I had seen 6 different types of doctors in hope to solving medical issues I had.  I felt there was more involved and yet it all had a common source but no one doctor was able to solve any of the problems.   I had stomach issues that were getting worse and controlling my life. My lab work was out of control. Allergies, headaches, and weight problem were only part of the issues.  While driving by Chirosource one afternoon, I saw Chirosource’s sign advertising “All Natural Weight Loss’.  So I stopped in to check it out.   I spoke with Dr. Doan and finally found someone who really understood my condition. His approach was as a whole picture and not just one problem.  The office staff is so kind, positive and supportive.   This was not one problem or multiple problems I was dealing with but they actually went together.   Finally with hope in site, I began his regimen of treatment.   Within days I began to notice a difference.  My health improved by leaps and bounds on a daily basis and weekly and then monthly.  I am so happy I started this program.  I am so happy I made that turn and stopped in to Chirosource.  I feel I am getting my health back.

Thank You

Kim B.  9/10/12

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  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."

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