Functional Medicine Testing


Traditional health care testing is focused on treating symptoms and identifying pathology. The testing we believe in, on the other hand, is focused upon investigating and determining the underlying metabolic imbalances that may contribute to health conditions. Functional testing can also be used to determine the potential for health.

These test are laboratory tests that address the functions of the various systems of the body. The tests are designed to assess such diverse areas of health as adrenal function, detoxification capacity, digestive function, overall immune system function, vitamin and mineral status, energy metabolism, inflammation and much more. Functional tests use saliva, urine, stool and blood to provide the information to improve health status and upon which to develop customized nutrition and lifestyle programs.  Prices vary please call our office for more information.

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Blood testing, primarily serum testing, is a valuable tool for determining heart health, thyroid health, immune status, inflammation, blood sugar management, food allergies and sensitivities, iron status, blood health and nutrient absorption. There are scientifically determined functional or optimum health ranges that guide us in choosing diets, lifestyle and nutritional support. The serum readings may be outside of the optimum health ranges, but still within the medical ranges. When they are outside of the optimum health ranges, then a functional imbalance is present. True prevention of further health issues can occur if changes can be made that impact healthy shifts of function to a more optimum reading.

Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva)

This is a matrix of tests designed to evaluate adrenal hormone status. Because symptoms associated with adrenal dysfunction overlap with those found in other areas of health, and because adrenal function is directly correlated with so many other important body systems, it is important to address adrenal insufficiency.

Organic Acids

Organic acid testing is a way to measure whether your body is getting and using nutrients to support your optimum health. The organic acids shift and change according to your nutrient and intestinal health status. The test is not used for diagnosis of health problems, but to give insights into the causes of health imbalances. Many health derived symptoms are not medically problematic. They are signs that there are functional imbalances that need to be addressed to restore full health.

This test measures the metabolites in urine that help to determine the nutrient deficiencies present, as well as bacteria and fungal overgrowth.

Food Sensitivities Tests

These are specialized blood tests to identify delayed food reactions that are hard to determine from conventional allergy testing. When food sensitivities are present there could be a multitude of symptoms that are not usually recognized as being caused by food reactions – depression, anxiety, ADD, skin eruptions and rashes, headaches, sinus issues, unresolved digestive issues, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory conditions.

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